Our mission

The mission of the Lighthouse History Research Institute is to research, locate, document, archive and then make available to the general public, through a digitized searchable website, printed books, magazine articles, website articles and blogs, seminars, and educational outlets, the history of America’s lighthouses, especially the photographs and memories of the lighthouse keepers and their family members who lived and grew up at America’s lighthouses or served on the vessels of, or worked directly or indirectly for, or with, what is generally known as the United States Lighthouse Service from 1789 to 1939, and then the Coast Guard era from 1939 to 1989, so that it may all be saved for future generations to learn from and appreciate the role that these people engaged in of the development and growth of the United States of America.

One of our exciting programs currently under development is the construction of a database of Lighthouse Keepers, Light Ship sailors, and Coast Guard personnel who took part in every aspect of lighthouse operations, all around the country. You can visit it here.